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101 Social Media Posts You Need to Boost Your Business


Social What?

You’re a roofer, not a marketing company, so why do you even need social media? A fair question, and one that a lot of roofers ask!


The truth is, almost everyone these days is on one social media platform or another: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Across the world, over 4.2 billion people actively use social media! Your customers use it, too. Get active on social media to engage with your customers effectively and cheaply.


Use social media to your advantage!

  • Build your brand by increasing awareness of your company
  • Grow your business by directing traffic to your website and generating leads
  • Build relationships by directly communicating with your customers
  • Learn about your customers with demographic data generated by social media networks
  • Promote your business with targeted ads that reach the right audience


The 411 on These 101 Posts

Okay, so you know that having a presence on social media is a good idea. But why should you care about the 101 posts we’ve created?


Because we’ve done all the content-creation work for you. We’re giving you a giant collection of roofing graphics and captions, ready to drop into all your social media channels. (Think: MAJOR TIME SAVINGS!)


Each post graphic comes in two sizes with a caption, so all you have to do is download, copy, and paste. Want to customize? No problem. The graphics can easily be branded with your roofing company logo, and you can edit the captions as you like.


We wouldn’t make posts for you that we wouldn’t want on our own social media sites. The graphics are attractive and well designed so that your message is clear: we’re professionals, and we’re roofing experts.


What’s the content of these 101 posts? There’s a little bit of everything. You’ll find educational posts that explain roofing materials, processes, and terms, as well as promotional posts that advertise your services—from estimates to roof replacements.


How to Navigate This Collection

When you get your roofing post package, you’ll need to understand how the posts are categorized so you can quickly find what you need and plug it in to your social media pages.


You’ll receive a link to a Google Drive folder (called Roofing Social Media Posts) with two main folders: Roofing Promo Posts and Roofing Info Posts. Within each folder is a collection of subfolders (like Estimates, Inspections, etc.) and one Google Doc with all the captions.


As you explore the subfolders, you’ll notice that the name of each graphic begins with a number. This number corresponds to a caption in the Google Doc file. So once you choose the graphic you’d like to post, head to the Google Doc file, find the corresponding caption, and just copy and paste!


You may notice that there are 202 total posts in this package! This is because there are two sizes of each graphic: a square for Instagram and a rectangle for Facebook. (We use Facebook sizes for LinkedIn and Twitter, too.)


Why would we go through the trouble of creating two sizes of each post? To save YOU time. There’s no need to crop or resize for different platforms when you already have exactly what you need.


The Mechanics of Publishing Posts

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram, and Facebook’s “Business Suite” makes it easy to publish a post to both channels from one place. Go to your dashboard on business.facebook.com. Find the menu (at this writing, it runs down the left edge of the page) and click on the “Posts and Stories” tab. This opens a page from which you can publish to both Instagram and Facebook.


Note: you can also schedule posts to publish later. In an hour or two, you can schedule several weeks’ or even several months’ worth of posts all at once.



You’ll have to log in to LinkedIn and navigate to your business page to publish the post. Only have a personal profile? It’s easy and free to create a LinkedIn business profile page that’s connected to your personal one. Publish your business posts to your business page and then share them to your personal page to get even wider post exposure.



Log in to your Twitter account to post directly to it. Tweets have a length limit of 280 characters, so with some of the captions, you’ll have to shorten them.


Social media Publishing Apps

Check out Hootsuite or Buffer if you’d like to use one central app to manage multiple social media channels. From these services, you can publish your posts very easily to most major channels. You can also schedule them to publish later. The basic plans are fine, and they are inexpensive. Other similar services are out there; we recommend these because we use them and they work well.


How Often Should You Post?

At a minimum, post once per week. We recommend publishing at least three times per week.


Summing It Up

Social media is a free way to easily connect with new and old customers and get your company information out there into cyber-land. Still, coming up with content can be a grind. We get that, so we’ve created 101 ready-to-use graphics with captions for you to grab and post. You won’t have to think about creating new content for weeks!