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If the Insurance Company Prefers Symbility, Use Symbility for Your Claim.

What Is Symbility & What's the Big Deal About a Symbility Estimate?

Symbility is a cloud-based estimating software that many insurance companies now use. Its significance lies in its ability to streamline the estimation process for repair costs, including labor and materials, creating visually appealing reports that benefit both insurance carriers and contractors.

With Symbility, the claims process becomes more transparent and efficient, making it easier to manage more roof insurance claims and ensure accurate, fair settlements.

Symbility Benefits: Key Considerations for Roofers

When it comes to choosing estimating software, the debate often centers around Symbility and Xactimate.

These platforms are indispensable in the insurance industry, and each has its own set of strengths that can significantly impact roofers’ work. Visit our Xactimate estimates page to learn more about that excellent software.

Here are the key benefits that we like about Symbility:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Symbility’s intuitive design allows for ease of use, making it accessible for those who might be less tech-savvy.

  • Flexibility: Unlike its counterparts, Symbility offers a level of flexibility that caters to the dynamic needs of roofing projects.

  • Designed for Both Sides: It’s crafted with the needs of both insurance carriers and contractors in mind, ensuring a seamless process for all parties involved.

  • Detailed Estimates: Symbility provides detailed line items and labor rates, simplifying the estimation of labor costs and roof plans.

Roofs with storm damage need the accuracy of claims produced with Symbility estimates software.

If you submit your estimates using the same program as the insurance companies, here's what happens

Using the same estimating software as insurance companies can bridge the gap between contractors and insurance adjusters. It allows for a smoother claims process, as both parties work with familiar line items and cost estimates.

This compatibility can lead to quicker claims approvals and reduced disputes over repair costs, ultimately benefiting the homeowner with a faster, more efficient repair process.

A Closer Look at Symbility for Contractors

The public adjuster and insurance adjuster both appreciate the benefits of Symbility.

For contractors, Symbility Solutions offers a unique advantage in managing insurance claims. It enables you to create detailed, accurate estimates that align with insurance carriers’ expectations.

This alignment not only helps expedite the claims process but also ensures that you’re adequately compensated for your work without leaving out any necessary job components.

Yes, You Could Try Writing Your Own Symbility Estimates

Technically, anyone with access to Symbility could attempt to write their own estimates. This DIY approach might seem like a cost-saving strategy at first glance, allowing you to have direct control over your estimates.

Here's Why You Shouldn't

Writing your own Symbility estimates without a deep understanding of the insurance process and the software itself can lead to significant challenges.

It’s not just about inputting numbers; it’s about understanding what insurance carriers look for in an estimate, the specifics of labor costs, and ensuring every necessary line item is included and justified.

Furthermore, mastering Symbility’s features and nuances requires time and experience, often leading to a steep learning curve for those not regularly engaged with the platform. Missing crucial details or underestimating the complexity of a job can result in discrepancies that delay claim processing or, worse, impact your profitability.

Additionally, aligning your estimates with industry standards and practices is essential to maintain credibility and foster trust with insurance carriers, underscoring the importance of expertise in the estimation process.

Use ARS Professional Symbility Estimating Service--Only $50

For just $50, ARS offers professional Symbility estimating services that go beyond basic estimates.

Our team of experts is well-versed in Symbility and knowledgeable about the roofing insurance industry. We ensure that your estimates are accurate, comprehensive, and tailored to maximize your compensation.

Construction and roofing professionals use ARS services.

Our Symbility Estimates are Different from the Insurance Companies' Symbility Estimates--Here's How

While insurance carriers use Symbility to manage claims efficiently, their focus is often on minimizing payout amounts. At ARS, we have a different goal: ensuring you receive every dollar necessary for a thorough and fair repair.

We Leave Nothing Out That's Necessary for the Job

We meticulously review every detail of your claim, ensuring that no necessary expense is overlooked. From labor rates to specific roof plans, every element is considered and accurately represented in our estimates.

They Go Light and Omit Important Items

Insurance companies’ estimates may often overlook or undervalue certain aspects of the job. This can lead to insufficient funds for the repair, putting you at a disadvantage.

In their quest to minimize payouts, insurance companies can gloss over important details related to the scope of work, especially those involving specialized materials or labor. This affects the repair quality and can stretch project timelines as additional negotiations for funds become necessary.

Moreover, this approach can strain the relationship between contractors and clients, as expectations are not met due to budget constraints that were not accounted for from the start.

Visit our other page to see what features xactimate includes.

We Prioritize Your Bottom Line; They Don't

Our focus is on your profitability and ensuring that the repair costs are fully covered.

We understand the importance of accurately accounting for every aspect of the job, unlike insurance carriers, whose primary goal is to minimize their expenses.

The Unexpected Damage Estimate Boogeyman

One of the biggest challenges in roofing insurance claims is dealing with unexpected damage that wasn’t accounted for in the initial estimate because it wasn’t visible until the job got underway.

ARS’s expertise in Symbility means we can go back and file supplemental claims for those additional costs.

Insurance pros use the best claims softwares. You should, too.

Here's the Process When We Write Your Symbility Estimate

When you choose ARS for your Symbility estimates, we start with a comprehensive review of the damage and your needs. Our process is thorough, ensuring every detail is captured and accurately reflected in the estimate.

We Need the Following Items From You

Send Us These Items

~ Our ARS submission form

~ Any previous correspondence with the insurance company

~ A description of the necessary repairs

~ The adjuster’s estimate, if you have it

~ Specialty bid items

~ Photos of the damage

About Roof Reports

Roof reports are helpful in substantiating your claim. They provide a detailed overview of the damage and the required repairs, serving as a foundational element of our estimating process.

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What You Get With Your ARS-Written Symbility Estimate or Supplement

With an ARS-written Symbility estimate, you receive a comprehensive, professionally prepared document that includes a clear breakdown of costs, labor, and materials.

When You'll Get It

We understand the urgency of insurance claims, which is why we offer timely service. Your roof estimate or supplement will be prepared and delivered to you within 72 business hours.r

Why You Should Get Our Professional Symbility Estimate Services

Opting for ARS’s professional Symbility estimate services means choosing peace of mind.

With our expertise, you’re not just getting an estimate; you’re getting a strategic advantage in your insurance claim, ensuring you’re fully compensated for your work.

Use ARS support products and systems. They're all available online!


In the world of roofing insurance claims, expertise matters. Choosing ARS for your Symbility estimates means ensuring that your claim is handled professionally and accurately.

Your spend is only $50 per estimate. Don’t leave your claims to chance; let ARS help you navigate the complexities of insurance estimates and secure the claim compensation you deserve.


Our extensive experience with Xactimate software makes us the best roofing estimate service and best roofing supplement service in the country.

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