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All Roofers Should Submit Claims Using Xactimate Software

Roofing is a tough game without a lot of profit margin unless you play it right. We know plenty of roofing contractors who have gone under because, although they had roofing jobs, they couldn’t make enough profit. The sad thing is that many were regularly leaving money on the table without even knowing it.

Contractors leave money on the table when they use inferior quote software.

How was that happening?

It often came down to their insurance claim estimates. These contractors missed out on dollars because they didn’t submit accurate, comprehensive claims estimates using the software that all the insurance companies write them in–Xactimate.

What Is Xactimate & What’s the Big Deal About an Xactimate Estimate?

Most insurance corporations use Xactimate to generate their roofing claim estimates. Xactimate is the standard insurance industry claims processing software. Therefore, roofers should use it, too.

What happens when you submit your estimates using the same program as the insurance companies?

If you submit your roof estimates using the same program as the insurance companies:

  1. You’ll speak the same language

  2. You’ll look more professional

  3. You’ll price materials and labor properly

  4. You won’t undercut yourself

  5. You’ll have access to all the line items that they do

  6. You’ll catch the items they try to skimp on

  7. You’ll help maintain high standards in the industry

If you use any other software besides Xactimate, you will submit an estimate for fewer dollars than you could get–and of course, the insurance company will approve it because you’ve just saved them money. You overlooked items that they would otherwise have had to pay for. It’s great for them if you submit inferior, incomplete claims estimates because more money stays in their pockets.

Meanwhile, you’re scrambling to keep your business afloat.

Sinking boats: roofing companies who submit inadequate insurance claims estimates

A Closer Look at Xactimate for Contractors

Xactimate is hands-down the best estimating software out there. Almost all insurance companies use it, so it’s not only the best estimating software, but it’s also the industry standard, as we said above.

Xactimate generates estimates that are extremely detailed. It incorporates regional codes, zip code specific pricing, comprehensive data fields, and a wide range of criteria. When you take full advantage of Xactimate, you get a water-tight, robust estimate that the insurance companies will respect.

Xactimate Software Is Complex

Don’t try this at home, Xactimate Software is not easy to learn. To get proficient with estimate writing, you have to dig in and spend a lot of time learning the program. If you don’t do that, it’s possible to have this fantastic software and not produce a tight, granular, money-making claims estimate.

Your estimate will still look professional, and you’ll still be speaking the same language as the claims industry professionals, but you might miss important details and line items. The result will be improper job pricing, undercutting yourself, and walking away with less money than you could have gotten.

Using Xactimate well is hard. Leave writing insurance claims estimates to the pros at ARS.

Xactimate Training Is a Catch-22

Contractors face a catch 22 when it comes to Xactimate. The solution is to hire ARS to do the work!

You say, “I’ll spend the time to learn it, and I’ll train my office staff to use it.”

You might. But more likely, you’ll keep using your inferior quote software because you’re comfortable with it and you’re still trying to run your business. (Who has time to learn a complex new program?) Or you’ll learn it and teach a staff member to use it, but when they leave, you’ll have to train the next one and then the next one. 

So–you should definitely use Xactimate, but learning it well is tough. Sound like a Catch-22?

This is why you’re here, reading this page about our writing service producing expert Xactimate claims estimates for contractors like you.

Use ARS Professional Xactimate Estimating Service--Only $50

We’ve written thousands of Xactimate estimates. Our estimate writers know the software inside and out. With Xactimate, we:

    • Include every important and relevant item

    • Grab local code information

    • Have the tools for measuring and scoping

    • Get current local pricing on supplies and labor

    • Include your documents and images

    • Calculate depreciation, waste, time, and materials

    • Build in overhead & profit

Construction and roofing professionals use ARS services.

How do our estimates differ from those the insurance company generates?

We Include Everything For the Job

Our estimate writers include everything–every line item–that reflects what you need in order to do a complete job on the roof and get paid properly for it. On the other hand, the adjuster’s estimate for your job will lack some items, skimp on others, and even overlook some repair costs altogether.

They Skimp and Omit

Insurance adjusters who write estimates are trained to produce manipulated and incomplete documents because it means less money for the settlement offer. Remember, the insurance industry is not in business to help you. It’s in business to make money, and the less that goes out, the more it keeps.

We Watch Out for Your Bottom Line

This is not to say that no adjuster or insurance company has integrity. Some do. But be clear that even a company with integrity has their bottom line at heart, not yours. You must look out for yourself when it comes to submitting estimates.

With our professional Xactimate estimating services, you’ll get a seasoned Xactimate estimate writer who will make sure that no money is left unclaimed. For just $50, you’ll receive a professional, comprehensive Xactimate estimate.

We Help When There’s An Unexpected Damage Estimate

What happens if, in the course of the repair process, damage is revealed that wasn’t covered in the estimate? You’ll document the damage with photos (this helps avoid pricing disputes), get subcontractor bids if necessary, and complete the repairs. Our seasoned professionals will write a claim supplement for the additional work, which–in cooperation with the property owners–you will submit to insurance, and after settlement discussions, you will be compensated for the additional repair work. (If you’ve used our Xactimate estimate writing service, the insurance claim supplement will be discounted.)

Contractors can file claim supplements for damage that is uncovered in the course of the job.

How The Process Works for Your Estimate

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Send Us These Items

Our ARS submission form

A RoofOrders or EagleView report, if you have one

The adjuster’s estimate, if you have it

Specialty bid items


What About Roof Reports?

Our estimate writers are seasoned professionals who can write accurate estimates for contractors with or without a RoofOrder or EagleView report. However, we encourage roofing contractors requesting estimates to provide a report. A residential RoofOrder report costs $25. Eagleview reports vary in cost. See the Eagleview pricing page here.

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Roof reports provide valuable information such as roof face areas, edge lengths, rakes, eaves, hips, step and apron flashings, obstructions, and roof penetrations. Pitch adjustment tables and tilt and orientation factors for roof faces are also included.

We can provide the service for contractors without the adjuster’s estimate, but it’s helpful to have.

What To Expect On Your Xactimate Estimate

We pride ourselves on producing professional-looking estimates. Our estimate writers will include your company information, logo, and special items. You can expect an estimate with up-to-date codes, accurate material costs for your zip code, no missing and overlooked items, and a clear total cost.

How Long It Takes

Your estimate will arrive in PDF format by email within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), or it’s free. If you need other estimates for more claims, each one is $50 and will also be completed within 72 hours.

Benefits of Professional Xactimate Estimate Services

Hiring ARS as your Xactimate estimate service comes with distinct advantages.

  • Guarantees an accurate product

  • Frees you and your staff to focus on other essential aspects of your business

  • Increases the likelihood of acceptance by the insurance company

  • Gets you more dollars

Fairly covered roof repairs require insurance claim work to get the best compensation.

About Line 7 (from the section above): Maintaining Industry Standards

We’re talking about writing insurance claims estimates to charge properly and get compensated well, thereby maintaining industry standards for roofing services.

Contractors who use sub-par, non-standard estimating software (i.e., not Xactimate) for their roof estimator will not price the job properly and will unintentionally undercut themselves. Insurance will gladly pay out less than it has to, and the insurance industry will become incentivized to act in bad faith. Poor estimates will result in lower and lower pricing standards for the roofing industry.

Don’t use cost estimate software for roofing insurance claims that are of lower quality. Keep the toes of the insurance industry to the fire. Submit professional, comprehensive Xactimate estimates with proper pricing and keep industry standards high.

Xactimate Estimate Key Takeaways

  • Professional estimate services like ours at ARS provide accurate and detailed estimates

  • Hire ARS as your Xactimate estimate writer to save yourself time and hassle and to get a professional product generated with the same software that the insurance industry uses

  • Using Xactimate will mean no line item is left incomplete, and you claim the most money possible

Contractors should be able to make the most money possible and property owners should receive fair settlements for their roof damage.


Our extensive experience with Xactimate software makes us the best roofing estimate service and best roofing supplement service in the country.

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