Get a Complimentary Roofing Supplement ($150 Value)

Yes, that’s right. The first roofing supplement that we create for you is on the house. So, at a $150 value, this is one deal you should grab!

What is a Roofing Supplement?

A roofing supplement is a follow-up claim submitted to an insurance company after an initial claim is filed.

An initial claim often doesn’t include all the work that needs to be done on a roof, so the supplement claim fills in the gaps. It means more money in the pocket of the homeowner and, therefore, also in your pocket, the roofer.

Why doesn’t an initial claim cover everything? There are different reasons. Many claim adjustors only have a general knowledge of roofs, so they miss items that should be included. They overlook things like damaged flashing, absent valley lining, proper ridge and hip caps grades, starter strips, and pool protection. Some adjustors misclassify the shingles or tiles that need to be used and file the claim with sub-par materials.

A roofing supplement is a basket that catches all the items above. It requests money for those items.

roofing supplement

Why Would You File the Supplement Instead of the Homeowner?

You file the supplement on behalf of the homeowner. You’ll file it for a couple of reasons.

1) There’s work that needs to be done that is not included in the primary claim. You’re not going to do that work for free. The homeowner won’t want to pay for that work out of pocket. You’ll file the claim so that the homeowner’s insurance company pays for the extra work. The homeowner gets more money, and you do the work and get paid.

2) You’ll file the claim on behalf of the homeowner because you understand roofing and the homeowner doesn’t. Many homeowners would much prefer someone knowledgeable to fill it out (i.e., you) instead of themselves.

What Will a Roofing Supplement Get You?

Our roofing supplements cost $150 after you get the first free one. What will you get back in dollars for submitting one of our supplements to the homeowner’s insurance company? We can’t tell you precisely, of course. We can tell you that other roofers who outsource their roofing supplements to us usually walk away with hundreds and even thousands of dollars. On average, a roofer makes $1500 from one of our supplements.

Your Cut—It’s About the O&P

How do you make money from a roofing supplement? Besides the additional work, it’s in the “Overhead and Profit” line item. The average homeowner is not going to get onto his or her roof to fix it. No, they will pay a roofing contractor to do it. It is standard procedure to add 20% to a claim to cover the roofer’s overhead (10%) and the roofer’s profit (10%).

So, You Want to Do Roofing Supplements Yourself?

You could, if you 1) had the time, 2) owned the right software, and 3) understood the nuances of the software.

Or Get Your Free Supplement Today and Try Our Services

Get your supplements done by pros who have the right software and know how to use it. Submit the form on the Contact Us page or the Services page, and we’ll get you going with your first complimentary roofing supplement.