Module 5 ~ Roof Sales

Roofing Sales Training at it's Finest

Disturbing the Roofing Industry

Joe Mallon from American Roof Supplements is at it again. I’ve provided a wealth of knowledge for any roofing contractor out there. Whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been a roofer for twenty years, you can benefit from the comprehensive guides on my site.

I’ve lost count of the many hours I’ve spent going through the training course videos on Roof Sales Mastery’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, open a new browser and start following her videos.

Get your iPhone/iPad to read to you...

Don’t have the time (or just don’t like) to read? I found an amazing app that actually reads to you, right from your iPad or iPhone. You can listen while you are on the go or relaxing after a busy day at work. You still get the information without having to spend hours sifting through an article.

Door2Door Mastery (not roofing sales but it works)

Although this course is not targeted for roofers, Door2Door Mastery really works. A less expensive program than others, it has helped me master my roofing sales skills when canvassing neighborhoods. Don’t worry that it isn’t roofing specific, it will still help you sell!

There is a helpful case study in this video. It opens your eyes to getting more sales in your roofing business. Adding financing opens another revenue source by allowing customers an accessible way to pay deductibles. In turn, netting you more paying customers.