Module 3 ~ Where to get Roofing Leads

Where to get Roofing Leads

In this video, I go over a few companies where contractors can buy roofing leads. Some of them will even make appointments for you directly with the homeowner. Other companies will have your phone ringing and allow you to book more appointments and close leads. 

How Do Unlimited Roofing Leads Sound?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have the right numbers AND the names to go along with them? Setting appointments gets easier and time spent on the phone gets shorter. With Hail Recon’s advanced search features, the app provides you a customer’s number and name; sometimes even an email. An extension called Mojo Dialer allows you to have a fully functioning roofing sales business call center, so to speak. What would you do with that information?

Start Your Own Roofing Business Call Center?​

By just adding a few apps and organization tools to your business, you don’t need a full-blown call center full of people. Cut your expenditures in half by investing in smart software. How many appointments could you book with 300+ new roofing leads a week?

How to Handle All The Roofing Leads

We know your phone might start ringing off the hook, but don’t worry. Remember in Module 2 where we outlined a few simple apps to help track your contacts and keep them organized? Keep studying the tricks of the trade we’ve outlined for you and turn your roofing leads into sales.