Roofing Supplements for Dummies

You know the “Dummies” series of books? With those books, you can find help on pretty much any topic you want. They’re written for the layperson, the amateur, the “dummy,” in ways that are easy to understand. Cryptocurrency for Dummies. Quantum Physics for Dummies. Motorcycle Repair for Dummies. Sous Vide Cooking for Dummies. Like that. This blog is about breaking down roofing supplements in a way that’s easy to understand. We’ll use a couple of stories and an example from the healthcare industry.. The Knee Surgery Story Let’s say you and your cousin are skiing down a mountain in Aspen, Colorado. You hit a little bump and go flying. You’re ok except that you tear your knee up. You go get an x-ray and the doctor says, “Looks like you tore your meniscus. We’ll have to do surgery.” Two weeks later, you go in for the surgery. They put you under and open up your knee. With your knee opened up, the doc sees more damage than he thought would be there. Of course, he does all the repairs right then and documents his work. When he creates the bill for his services, he adds charges for the additional repair work. At American Roof Supplements, our roofing estimates are like the x-ray. When you, the roofer, open up the roof and discover issues that were not in the estimate (like the doc finding additional problems inside the knee), you document the issues, make the extra repairs and document the repairs. After that, you let us know. We write the claim–the supplement–that requests additional money for the additional work. The roofing supplement is the charge on the backend for the extra work. The Motorcycle Repair Story You and your cousin are in Nashville, Tennessee. You’re on an Indian and he’s on a Harley–both $22,000 motorcycles. You’re going down the street, you start to wobble, and you hit a mailbox. There’s damage to your bike, and you call the police to come out and write a report. Remember, these aren’t cheap motorcycles, and you want the damage documented for your insurance company. Your insurance company’s adjuster comes out, eyeballs your Indian, and says, “Looks like $2900 worth of damage.” You take the bike to an Indian dealership. You say, “Here’s my bike. Check it out, please. I have insurance and here’s their $2900 estimate.” The Indian mechanic spends three days taking the bike apart. He sees all kinds of additional damage inside, and his quote to fix everything is $7200. $7200 minus $2900 equals $4300. The Indian mechanic reaches out to your insurance company with documentation of the additional damage and files the supplemental claim for the additional $4300. The insurance company agrees because they have the documentation of the additional damage and they have the documentation of the repairs. You end up getting the bike properly fixed with all your costs covered. At American Roof Supplements, when we write a roofing supplement, it’s like the mechanic’s supplement. We provide proof of the damage that became apparent when the roof was opened up; we provide proof of the repairs done; and then we write the document claiming additional compensation from the insurance company. You, the roofer, file the supplement. knee surgery Example from the Healthcare Industry You can’t go ten minutes without seeing ads on TV for Medicare Supplement Insurance. What’s that about? Similar concept as above. Medicare pays for much, but not all, of the cost for covered health care services and supplies. Medicare Supplement Insurance fills the gaps. In the roofing industry, roofing supplements fill the gaps between an insurance company’s estimate and the actual costs of doing necessary repairs. Wrapping It Up
  • Roofing estimates list anticipated repairs before roof work begins
  • Roofing supplements list additional, unanticipated repairs after roof work is complete
The most successful supplements (successful=paid by insurance) are the ones submitted with photo-documented additional repairs plus photo-documented completed repairs. Need a roofing estimate? Call us. One estimate costs $50. Need a roofing supplement? Call us. If it’s for a job we wrote an estimate for, the supplement will cost $100. Otherwise, the charge is $150.