The When’s, Why’s & How’s of Roofing Insurance Supplements

What is a Roofing Supplement, Anyway?

roofing supplements

The word “supplement” means to “add an extra element or amount” to something. It also means “something that completes or enhances something else.”

A roofing supplement claims additional repair costs not included in the original insurance claim. The idea is that the insurance company will issue payments for the original claim plus additional payments for the supplemental claims. The total amount should then cover all necessary repair costs.

Why the need for supplement claims? Because the insurance company’s adjuster (representative) may not catch or list all the necessary repairs. As well, the need for some repairs may not be evident until construction is underway. A roofing supplement (claim) ensures there’s money to cover the gaps.

When the Roofing Supplement Begins

Insurance claims usually get filed soon after a roof gets damaged in a storm or during an impact. Obviously, roofs that are leaking or have big holes need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Homeowners may call both a roofer and their insurance company at the same time. The roofer comes out to do an inspection. The insurance company sends an adjuster to look at the roof. The roofer issues an inspection report, and the insurance adjuster produces an estimate of repair costs.

Next, the insurance company issues a loss statement and releases an initial check. Note, this can take weeks and can delay the start of the repairs.

Requests for Supplemental Coverage

At this time, the homeowner’s selected roofer will compare their own repair estimate against the insurance company’s statement of loss. Frequently, this comparison will show up gaps. In other words, the roofer will see that the insurance adjuster missed important items in his or her statement of loss. Therefore, the offered settlement amount will not cover the additional repair items that the roofer found.

This is the first opportunity when the roofer might submit a supplemental claim.

The insurance company’s claim handler reviews the roofing supplement. This review can take a couple of weeks, further delaying the start of the project. Still, it’s beneficial to wait until the supplement has been accepted before starting repairs.

A second opportunity for submitting a roofing supplement occurs as repairs are underway. Why at this point? As mentioned above, the need for some repairs is only apparent after work has started. There is no guarantee that roof supplements will be accepted and funded by the insurance company. Waiting for supplement approval will delay progress. The roofer and homeowner have to decide if repairs will go ahead or if they will be paused until the supplement is approved.

The last opportunity for submitting a roof supplement is after the project is all done. Again, approval can take a couple of weeks, with the possibility of further delays if the homeowner’s mortgage company has to endorse the check.

Getting Expert Help with the Supplement Process

Most homeowners don’t want to deal with roofing supplements. They want the extra check, yes, but negotiating with their insurance company about roofing items they barely understand can be overwhelming. Even roofing companies are often not excited about going through the supplement process with an insurance company.

The team at American Roof Supplements are roofing supplement experts. We are fluent in Xactimate (supplement-specific software), and we understand the details and nuances of the supplement process.

Roofers and homeowners, contact ARS today for help with your roofing supplement. Make sure all your roofing repairs are covered, and everyone gets compensated fairly.